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13 Ways To Bring Out Your Inner Bohemian

Bohemian aka Boho styles are inspired by all things free spirit and hippie from the 60's and 70's. In modern day terms, think Topenga Canyon with dream catchers, bare foot tourists with straw hats and stacks of ankle bracelets.

Boho fashion has never really gone anywhere since but made its mainstream comeback in the early 2000's and features floral maxi dresses, tiered skirts, earth tones, peasant blouses, wooden bags or jewelry, embroidery, beads and the list goes on - just think flowy, feminine and flirty

Girls are in love with this style because it signals the "I do whatever I want spreading love" kinda attitude and if we're being honest, bohemian inspired styles are a true classic and we're totally here for it.

Ahead, you'll find a cool list of 13 ways to bring out your inner bohemian. From Woodstock pants to free spirit blouses and eclectic sets. All you need is infuse these looks into your wardrobe and you'll always look effortless.

The Woodstock Pants

Woodstock Pants By Closed Caption

Vintage St Johns Bay Suede Pants

These pants go well with beaded sandals, straw wedgies, fringed boots and even non-bohemian style shoes.

The Flower Child Dress

Floral Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Maggie Lawrence Skater Dress 

Flowers are always in. Period.

The Florals On Florals Jacket

Grannys Armchair Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Circle T by Marilyn Lenox Tapestry Jacket

This jacket will turn anything you pair it with into a boho fiesta.

The Free Spirit Blouse

Wester Lover Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage 70's Chiffon Lace Blouse

Literally went back in time to get this blouse. So bohemian chic and timeless.

The I Need Matcha Cup

Morning Face Mug By Closed Caption

Erika Astrid Handmade Face Cup

Something boho inspired to drink your matcha or whatever you like to drink all year round.

The Night Gown And Day Duster 

Night Gown Day Duster By Closed Caption

Vintage Feathers Oversized Boho Duster

This duster will cover you from the summer sun and keep you nice and cozy on dates to the movies where it's often too chilly for our liking.

The I'll never Take This Off Jumpsuit

The I Will Never Take This Off Jumpsuit by Closed Caption

Vintage Ashlee California Abstract Floral Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits last forever, don't fight us on this.

The Blossoms For My Lobes Earrings

Flower Power Earrings By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Oversized Orange Flower Earrings

Some flowers for your lobes. Pair with a printed kimono and boho inspired sandals to match.

The Abstract Thinker Two Piece

Abstract Thinker Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Abstract Colorburst Two-Piece Set

This two-piece needs no introduction. You'll be spreading peace, love and good vibes only in this.

The I Love Roses Dress

My Moms Prom Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage KARY'S Dusty Rose Maxi Dress

We're not your doctor, but we totally prescribe this maxi dress to switch on your sexy bohemian, for dinner dates or a fun night out.

The Painted Garden Blouse

Sleeves Never Fit By Closed Caption

Vintage Buonuomo Oversized Abstract Earth Tone Button-Up

Totally boho chic in all the colors we adore. Wear with something bright or muted.

The Blooming Cardigan

Floral Cardigan By Closed Caption

Vintage Oversized Chiffon Cardigan

Perfect for spring weather to channel your inner bohemian with any outfit.

The Hippie Maxi Skirt 

Favorite Maxi Skirt By Closed Caption

Vintage Semi-Sheer Wrap Maxi Skirt

When in doubt, opt for a tiered maxi skirt and a matching top to take the boho trend head on.

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