10 Essential WFH Looks

Thanks to the worldwide craziness for the past 2 years, a lot of us have been working from home (WFH).

While this was freaking weird in the beginning - spending insane amounts of time in our homes - we've adjusted quite well. However, with the WFH life comes the  major challenge of deciding what to wear for zoom meetings from your couch while spending more time with your pet than actual humans.

This means wardrobes are stale AF and need a refreshing punch.

As your partner in slow fashion, we've gone ahead and curated the 10 Essential WFH looks to help you stay up to date on your style needs and look effortless.

Below, we've got something cute to save you from bad hair days, the coolest vintage blouses that will snag you compliments from your virtual colleagues, even earrings that will get you noticed without saying a word.

The Comfiest Knit Dress 
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Ada Dress in Charcoal

The perfect dress to lounge in, go on a date or have Zoom meetings in, and it is oh so comfy.

The Business In The Front, Party In The Back Shirt
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Vintage Spirit New York Shirt

We promise, you will LIVE in this shirt. That is all we have to say about it.

The I Kinda Stole My Boyfriend's Shirt
10 Essential WFH Looks by Closed Caption
Vintage Mark Alexander Silk Striped Blouse

Color block your way through back to back zoom meetings, without looking boring in this boyfriend shirt.

The I'm Over Sweats But Not Over Being Comfy Pants
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Vintage SideEffects Sparkly Knit Pants

It's easy to get stuck in the lounge pants loop while WFH, these pants will help you level up without sacrificing your comfort.

The I Literally Only Wanna Throw On Earrings
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Clementine Dangle Earrings

For days when you can't be bothered to dress up, put these earrings on to draw all the attention to your face.

The Bossbabe Blazer

Vintage Clay Blazer

This is the blazer you throw over anything, including your loungewear, to look pulled together in a flash, no effort required here boss.

The Really Don't Wanna Do My Hair Hat
10 Essential WFH Looks by Closed Caption
Closed Caption Dad Hat

Roll out of bed, put on this hat and leave. Be ready for everyone asking you where you got that hat.

The Looking Cute in Zoom Meetings Earrings

Wildflower Dangle Earrings

All eyes on you in these floral earrings.

The Perfect Content Creator Blouse
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Theresa Ruffle Blouse in Alabaster

This is the blouse you wear when you're feeling a flirty but still wanna be comfy.

The I Don't Wanna Get Dressed Choker

Daisy Floral Choker

When you don't feel like putting on cute clothes but still wanna look fresh, this is the choker you reach for!

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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