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Tired of trends that come and go every 2 weeks and pieces that are either cheap quality and don't last or are overpriced? Same! I make it my mission to find pieces that will last and make you a trendsetter instead of a fashion victim, all while being good to mother nature by lowering your carbon footprint.

Look effortlessly cool instead of trendy, be anti-fast fashion.

I want you to be excited about getting dressed in the morning and getting a confidence boost - because people will literally stop you on the street to ask where you got your pieces from (actual data from real customers).

Why vintage? 
Vintage pieces are a lot higher quality than fast fashion. Yes, fast fashion is more affordable but it is hurting the planet - factories polluting the air and water and that is just a small part of why you should think twice about where you are spending your hard earned money.

Always sustainable. Never wasteful. Forever effortless.

Worried about it not fitting? Don’t worry, we list all measurements, the size of the model and 90% of our pieces are either oversized, stretchy or have an elastic waist because lets be honest first and foremost we all want to be comfortable, am I right? Plus if it really isn't working out between you, you can return your order for a store credit!

erika astrid - founder and curator of closed caption shop

Closed Caption was born out of the love for finding that perfect high quality piece that someone will cherish and love for a long time. Maybe its my scorpio rising but it’s so satisfying for me to go treasure hunting and find that perfect piece, it literally gives me butterflies.

Tell me more about Closed Caption!

Its a small business run by me, Erika Astrid (Fashion Photographer + Magazine Editor + Artist) here in sunny Los Angeles, California. I love handpicking and curating the best and highest quality vintage and other things for you in random towns and alleys so you don't have to.

Want to know more? Text me at 
917-512-1613 with any questions or if you just want to chat!