For women who want fashion that is as unique as they are.

Welcome to Closed Caption—your ultimate destination for style that's as vibrant and unique as you are.

I'm Erika Astrid, the founder and creative force behind Closed Caption. With my background as a fashion photographer, magazine editor, designer, and painter, I've poured my passion into creating a space that's more than just clothing—it's about exploring self-love and celebrating your individuality.

Closed Caption is a small brand based just outside Washington, D.C., that specializes in the art of curation. Every item, from vintage clothing to contemporary accessories, is carefully chosen to resonate with your inner eclectic minimalist, enhancing and celebrating your unique vibe.

Closed Caption isn't just another brand; it's a whole vibe. It's a community where eclectic and minimalist styles meet. Dive into our world, where you'll find handpicked vintage pieces with history, bold accessories that pop, and high-end designer vintage and preloved bags that instantly elevate your look. Each item reflects our commitment to making your style journey unforgettable.

Rediscover your true self with pieces that blend simplicity and individuality, empowering you to express who you really are.

With love,
Erika Astrid
Founder, Closed Caption