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10 First Date Pieces That Keep Them Hooked

Gosh! First dates are so exciting! Doesn't matter if you met the guy at the grocery store or on tinder, the anticipation for that first lunch or dinner date is so intense.

You want to make a great first impression and you start overthinking all the things that could go wrong like: "What if he doesn't find me interesting" "What if we have nothing in common or nothing to talk about."

Then there's the most nerve racking part of all which is deciding what to wear, which causes you major anxiety like; "should I wear something flirty and show some cleavage" "Maybe a maxi dress is not flattering" aarrrrrgghhh.

Well get a hold of yourself honey! We're not relationship experts to tell you what to say or do on your date. But as fashion pros, we've got your covered in the "first date looks" department.

Whether you're serial first dater or a "once in a blue moon dating" kinda girl, read on to see the 10 first date looks that will keep them hooked on you and secure a second date.

From floral skirts to something cute for your neck, crisp pants and above the knee dresses, girl you've got nothing to worry about. Just keep scrolling!

The Romantic Blanket Skirt

Romantic Picknick Maxiskirt By Closed Caption

Vintage Sea Suns Floral Blanket Skirt

A breezy maxi skirt is always a win on a first date. Oh he'll know you're sweet and definitely not psycho in this skirt. Pair with a nice blouse or cropped top with heeled sandals to tune up the look.

The I Need Your Help To Take It Off Necklace

Cute Necklace By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Ocean Breeze Necklace No. 5

Draw some attention to your neck with this beaded necklace.

The You Won't Forget Me Turtleneck

Wont Forget Me Turtleneck By Closed Caption

Vintage Style & Co. Rib Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Sparks will definitely fly with this turtleneck! Perfect for spring time dates or movie dates when it's chilly AF in the theater.

The This Is A Hint Of What I Like Barrette

Pearl Barrette By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Pearl Barrette

Something cute AF to hold your hair in place, while making out with your date.

The Playing It Cool Crop Shacket

Cropped Jeans Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Outrageous Sports Cropped Denim Shacket

Perfect for layering over a sexy dress to tone the flirting down a notch.

The I Love To Tease Blouse

Playing With His Imagination Shirt By Closed Caption

Vintage Nagasha Accordion Pleated Blouse

Warning! Your date might fall head over heels for you in with this blouse. A bright colored blouse is great to add a pop of color to a plain skirt or pants.

The I May Be Wearing My Ex's Pants

White Jeans Denim By Closed Caption

Vintage White Denim Pants

Something white and borrowed from the boys, to look clean and crisp on your date. On a first date, white remains a classic.

The Up For Anything Dress

Cute Floral Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Diana Macro Crimson Floral Dress

Let your date know you're fun and down for a great time without saying a word! Over the knee dresses are flirty but not distracting.

The Oldest Lovers Earring

Sun And Moon Lovers Earring By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Single Charm Hoop Earrings

Not sure what to say on your date? This hoop is a great conversation starter.

The You Can Walk Me Home Coat

Red Coat By Closed Caption

Vintage Sara Roberts Trench Coat

Steal all the attention in this coat. All eyes will be on you! Perfect for a spring dinner date or fall date, to stay warm and toasty without getting distracted by the cold.

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