10 Minimalist Style Must-Haves

For some time now, the word minimalist has been thrown around like a tennis ball and often associated with being snobbish towards "materialism."

But minimalism is more about de-cluttering your life and choosing quality over quantity. In the fashion industry, it's about kicking trends and fast fashion to the curb, embracing less for more timeless pieces.

As the world is inching towards a cleaner, greener environment, minimalist styles are becoming the order of the day. However, minimalist doesn't mean you have to sacrifice being stylish.

This is why we've rounded up the 10 minimalist style must-haves, to help you look simply amazing while you go about your daily life!

From plain tees, to simple pants, coats and goddarn minimalist earrings, you'll fall in love with these.

The Turtleneck

The Essential Turtleneck By Closed Caption

Vintage Ann Taylor Velvet Turtleneck

This staple piece will get you through 4 seasons and a fifth if there ever was one!

The Button-up

The Everyday Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Gallagher Smoke Button Up

There are a gazillion ways to style a simple button-up and its a timeless piece that will stay with you forever.

The Maxi Dress

The Maxidress By Closed Caption

Vintage Norton Studio Crinkle Maxi Dress

Pair with heeled sandals, minimalist jewelry + a cute purse and you're set for a fancy dinner with le boo.

The Summer Blouse

The Summer Is Finally Here By Closed Caption

Vintage Macshore Classics Chiffon Sleeveless Blouse

If there's one thing that screams minimalist, it's this white blouse period!

The Coat

Monochrome Coat By Closed Caption

Vintage Harve Bernard Black Wool Coat

Doesn't matter what you wear underneath, this minimalist coat takes sophistication to a whole new level!

The Pants

The Never Failed Me Pants By Closed Caption

Vintage Obsidian Textured Trousers

Totally ideal for when you want to keep things simple and sweet from the waist down!

The Earrings

The Earrings By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Geometric Earrings

Err minimalist AF duhh!

The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit By Closed Caption

Vintage Chiffon Jumpsuit

Jumping in and out of these is super easy and white is always a minimalist win.

The Tee

The It's Only One Color By Closed Caption

Vintage Rochelle Oversized Knit Shirt

You can literally pair this red Tee with anything - shorts, pants, a mini skirt - that's how versatile it is.

The Home Decor

Minimalist Decor By Closed Caption

Vintage Two Piece Marble Pinch Pots

Maybe store your rings in these or some sweets? It'll give your space a touch of minimalist decor.

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