11 Rainy Days Must-Haves

Ughhhh is it just us or can you also not stand rainy days?

Don't get me wrong we love the sound of rain, the smell of petricore aka that divine smell from wet soil, plus cuddling in bed feeling cozy AF as it pours outside.

However, going outside when it rains sucks! You get soaking wet, the weather is dreary and you'd rather just be in bed all day.

What's worse is the pain in the butt of figuring out what to wear during the rainy season and still look stylish albeit the sky crying.

To save you the effort of trying to figure out how to get ready for the rainy season, we've gone ahead and found the best pieces for the rainy season.

From the coolest boots to hop over puddles to rainy day jackets, trench coats and cozy dresses, you'll be looking forward to going outside when it rains.

Indeed, rain sucks but your style doesn't have to so keep scrolling.

The Basically Weather Proof Pants

Vintage Calvin Klein Denim Pants

Come rain, come shine, denim touts itself as the be all, do all wardrobe staple!

The I Still Wanna Look Cute Skirt

Vintage Plaid Mini Wool Skirt

Something cute to show of those gorgeous legs and keep hemlines dry.

The You Can Never Go Wrong With A Trenchcoat
Bad Weather Trenchcoat By Closed Caption
Vintage Wolfgang Kaiser Trench Coat

A classic trench coat will be the "shall not get wet" savior of whatever stylish outfit you've got underneath.

The Can't Let My Hair Get Wet Hat

Closed Caption Dad Hat

The wet hair be gone hat inspired by cool dads.

The No Wet Hem Shorts

Vintage Jones New York Wool Shorts

No worries about getting your bottoms wet, just throw on some tights!

The Just Throw It On Sweater

Vintage Jennifer Reed Chunky Knit Sweater

Some colorful flowers on a dreary rainy day is the best medicine.

The All Time Prepared Jacket
Bad Weather Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Claudia EV Gingham Nylon Jacket

Stay dry all rainy season long - no umbrella required!

The Keeping My Things Safe Bag

Vintage Marlo Beaded Crossbody Bag

The perfect bag to wear crossbody under your coat to keep your essentials safe - phone, wallet, keys and vape.

The Never Been More Stylish Coat
Bad Weather Coat
Vintage Embossed Croc Leather Coat

Screw the rain! This coat screams STYLISH AF!

The Looks Like Water Earrings

Ocean Pearl Hypoallergenic Earrings

These earrings will make you feel one with the rain.

The Stand High Above That Puddle Dress

Margareta Dress in Charcoal

Never again worry about your hemline getting muddy or wet when it rains. Plus the thick linen will keep you warm and dry.

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