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12 Summer Picnic Essentials

Oh! the sweet, sweet burn of the high sun and slight breeze of summer winds.

We're totally drooling over days spent laying in the grass in floral dresses, crinkle skirts and crop tops, having summer picnics, making memories with family and friends that last a lifetime.

Indeed a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about.

Considering we'll be spending a vast majority of the warm months in the great outdoors either picnicking or just lounging, we've rounded up the 12 summer picnic essentials to have you looking the part all of those sunny days. 

From floral skirts to dusters, transparent bags and beaded necklaces, you'll be holding on to summer for much longer than 3 months in these.

The Skirt

Dreamy Skirt By Closed Caption

Vintage New Mints Floral Maxi Skirt

You'll totally blend in with the flowers in this skirt for a summer picnic and it will definitely your new wardrobe staple.

The Blouse

The Flower Croptop By Closed Caption

Vintage Basic Editions Floral Cropped Shirt

A cute tee blouse to pair with skirts, shorts and whatever you love to wear on a summer picnic.

The Duster

The Duster By Closed Caption

Vintage Brown Stone Studio NY Light Pink Duster

When you need a bit of more coverage for chilly summer evenings while being in the great outdoors.

The Eyewear Chains

The Sunbathed By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Chunky Rose Eyewear Chain

Who says you can't look stylish at a picnic? Here is something cute to add a touch of style to your picnic looks.

The Earrings

Flower or Rainbow By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Orange Flower Dangle Earrings

If these babies don't scream invite me to a picnic, I don't know what does.

The Flirty Dress

Flirty Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Floral Skater Dress

Definitely an ideal picnic uniform if you ask us.

The Easy Pants

No Worries By Closed Caption

 Vintage London Fog Floral Flowy Pants

Easy pants and picnics go together like alcohol and bad decisions.

The Ring

Flower Rings By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Beaded Daisy Seed Stackable Rings

It's all in the details, so add a little fun to those picnic days. Also make a perfect gift to yourself or your bestie.

The Bag

The Bag By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Organza Strawberries Embroidered Tote

For a solo picnic where you can't be bothered with a basket, just throw in some fruit, sandwiches + a cocktail in a mason jar and you're set!

The Vintage Dress

The Vintage Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Antara Red Daisy Dress

If picnic was a dress, this is exactly what it would look like.

The Crop Top

The Hot Summer By Closed Caption

Vintage Boom Colorbomb Cropped Tank

Fun and bright, this crop top is totally worthy of a picnic flex. Just don't forget your bug spray + sunscreen!

The Necklace

The Cute Necklace By Closed Caption

Handmade Closed Caption Ocean Breeze Necklace No. 6

Something to wrap around your neck to complete any picnic look.

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