12 Style Types To Help Find The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

V-Day is comingggggg and while we're totes here for it, it also comes with the stress of finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you and yours, am I right? The usual chocolates and flowers may be nice and all, but it's cheesy and forgive my french - a little lazy.

So for your lover who seems to have it all, or yourself - because 2022 is all about self-care, we've compiled the perfect Valentines Day gift ideas for the 12 Style Types. Whether you're looking for something bohemian, sleek chic, minimalist, or you have no friggin' idea what to get your Valentine for V-Day, we gotchu!

Keep scrolling to see the 12 Style Types to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift. As you browse through this list, doesn't matter if you're still recovering from the holiday spending or not, there's no breaking the bank involved here only love and thoughtful gift ideas that will actually be used. ;)

Style Type: Bohemian

If your special someone is into boho-fash, then the Maude Wrap Dress will prevent awkward Valentine's Day gift exchanges this year. If you don't know her dress size and you don't wanna ask, opt for accessories like this One-of-a-kind Necklace or this Hoop Charm. If it's for yourself, get all three! (Told you we gotchu!)

Style Type: Preppy

For the preppy girl in your life, sweater vests and cute accessories like this Chocolate Velvet Heart Earrings will do the trick. (Sounds yummy, right?)

Style Type: Artist

A creative Valentine's Day gift like this Art Print, is the one way ticket to your artsy loved ones heart or your own. Also thoughtful gifts that help them boost their creativity or inspire them when they are in a not so creative phase (because we all know that's the reality), like these Coral Eyewear Chains (happy colors release serotonin in our opinion). 

Style Type: Sleek Chic

A sleek chic style centres around outfits with clean lines, monochrome combos and neutrals. Girls who are into sleek fashion save any pop of color for a bold acessory like a bright pair of heels or burnt orange lipstick. For V-Day, consider getting her our Inga Blouse paired with these hot and sleek Chunky Eyewear Chains or any statement pieces like that, while maintaining her color spectrum for clothing. She'll appreciate it and most importantly wear it!

Style Type: Romantic

For the hopeless romantic who has watched the Notebook a million times and still cries every time, cute accessories in pastel colors like this Strawberry Cream Heart Earrings will work wonders. She'd also love these Candy Colored Mesh Socks or our Augusta Dress in Alabaster.

Style Type: Kidcore

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for kidcore lovers, are colorful things inspired by some childhood nostalgia, like this Eat Your Fruits Necklace or this Strawberry Embroidered Tote. Her inner child will love you for it. (totes adorbs)

Style Type: Eclectic

Eclectic types are all about mixing and matching colors and patterns, rocking unique pieces some people may not even get close to but you're dying to own. So grab them something that catches attention like these Floral Mesh Socks or Dew Drop Earrings.

Style Type: Minimal

Minimalists may not own a lot of stuff, but they still love to look put together - sticking to the basics and creating a capsule wardrobe full of essentials they can easily throw on and go about their day. The perfect Valentine's Day gift for minimalists, would be something simple and sweet like these Black Heart Studs, a Vintage Structured Wool Coat or these Marble Eyewear Chains.

Style Type: Goth

Real goths love the dark and mysterious all year round, and literally live by the color code black. So for the goths you love, get them something midnight black yet stylishly edgy like our Augusta Dress in Charcoal. If you'd rather opt for an accessory, these Black Marble Eyewear Chains or our Black Hoops are a safe buy she will love.

Style Type: Vintage Femme

Vintage Femme girls dress to feel like they're from a different era. So get her a Valentine's Day gift that screams retro like these Dainty Plum Bow Earrings, our Theresa Blouse or this Handmade Collar - whatever you choose, she'll love it!

Style Type: Casual

If you love someone who basically lives in jeans and tees, you've got a casual honey in your life. Make her Valentine's Day special by getting her some cool Eyewear Chains, a pair of Vintage Denim Pants or something easy like our CC Corduroy Dad Hat in her favorite color (rose or hazelnut) so she can wear something that reminds her of you everyday.

Style Type: Vampira

There are goths and then there are chicks who love fashion that reminds you of buffy the vampire slayer, aka Vampira style. This Valentine's Day, ditch the roses and get your vampira she'll never stop wearing like this Rose Charm Hoop Earring.  

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