14 Cozy Ways to Be Stylish

Let's be honest! We all want to be stylish AF, but we also want to feel goddamn cozy while we're at it! Right?!

Doesn't matter if its a simple work wear or a runway look, being comfortable in what you're wearing is a major key to nailing any look.

Think about when you're wearing clothing that's so tight you can barely breathe, or shoes that hurt in all the wrong places, it's just the worst and it makes you the opposite of confident and it shows.

So to save you the drama that comes with all that, we've gone ahead and selected 14 cozy ways to be stylish AF.

As you scroll, you'll find the coziest sets, oversized blouses, insanely comfy coats, some borrowed from the boys shirts and even shoes that scream COZY!

The I Don't Feel Like Wearing Clothes Set

Vintage Two Piece Velvet Set

When you legit just want to roll out of bed and out the house, while still being stylish, this set will do the trick! Pair with heeled sandals and a cute handbag to tune up the look.

The Never Been Less Stressed Dress
The Ada Dress by Closed Caption

The Ada Dress

We can't tell you what to wear, but if easy and classy is the look you're going for, this super comfy dress is it.

The I Can't Be Bothered To Put on a Full Sweater
Cropped Sweater By Closed Caption

Vintage Oversized Cropped Knit Sweater

If an oversized crop sweater doesn't say COZY, I don't know what does.

The Cloud Nine Socks

Handmade Blue Cloud Socks

The level of comfort and cuteness of these socks is almost criminal.

The My Boyfriend Didn't Do Laundry So I Took His Shirt
Boyfriend Button Up By Closed Caption

Vintage Oversized Boyfriend Button Up

An ode to all your Ex's shirts you'll never return.

The Coat that also Functions as a Blanket
Teddy Bear Coat By Closed Caption

Vintage Clements West Speckled Teddy Bear Coat

If you're looking for something to cuddle, this coat will do just fine.

The I Don't Wanna Wash My Hair Hat

Closed Caption Dusty Rose Dad Hat

Finally, something nice to cover your 3 day old hair.

The I Don't Want to Put Any Effort in Skirt

Vintage Cable Knit Skirt

Stay innocently and comfortably flirting in this skirt.

The This Is My Comfort Zone Dress

Vintage Ariel Kaftan Dress

Perfect dress to do whatever you want in.

The I Am Just Gonna Wear My Luxury Robe Outside 
Nightgown or Duster By Closed Caption

Vintage La Perla Chiffon Coral Duster

Feel like you're on a luxury vacation in this robe.

The Idc About Eye Make Up Eyewear Chains
Sunglasses By Closed Caption
Mint Cuban Eyewear Chain

It's about time you leveled up your eyeglass game for the days you don't feel like wearing makeup.

The I am Just Gonna Slip on a Dress
Minimalis Black Dress By Closed Caption
Vintage Chico's slinky Tank Dress

Throw it on like that for date night, and take it off like that for you know what! ;)

The Been In Bed All Day Pants

Vintage Cable Knit Easy Pants

Something stylish and seriously cozy to take you back to the good old 70's.

The Too Lazy To Care Shacket
Too Lazy To Care By Closed Caption

Vintage Fenini Oversized Dusty Rose Shacket

The ultimate layering piece if you ask us.

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