14 Shades of Earthtones

There's just something about earth-tones that screams MINIMALIST! These neutral colors are like the chillax cousin of all our favorite colors and they come in; pastel greens, earthy browns, pastel purple, mellow yellows - the muted tones list goes on and on.

As slow fashion enthusiasts, the amazing part about earth toned pieces is that they make the perfect addition to any wardrobe and pairs well with everything.

These neutral colors will take you through 4 seasons like it's nothing and literally last forever. This makes investing in these muted pieces a smart buy.

Well, if you're like us and muted colors are your year round obsession, we've curated 14 delicious earth tones to get you from work wear, to night on the town just like that!

Ahead, there are sweaters, oversized blouses, something chunky + super cute for your lobes and some pieces to make you happy as hell as you scroll.

The White Chocolate Blouse

Vintage Creme Georgian Ruffle Blouse by Closed Caption

Vintage Georgian Ruffle Blouse

Creme is the forever classic neutral color that goes with anything and everything.

The Eggnog Blouse

Eggnog Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Barry Bricken Oversized Silk Blouse

Feel like you're down to earth in this blouse. Tie the hem to switch to a night look or throw over a tank for a cool girl vibe.

The Caramel Latte Earrings

Statement Earrings By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Oversize Dangle Earrings

How to make a bold statement without glitz and glam jewelry - these earrings.

The Toffee Coat

Latte Coat By Closed Caption

Vintage Herman Kay Wool Swing Coat

Perfect for looking cool af no matter how chilly the weather is.

The Vanilla + Coffee Jacket

Vintage Express Striped Summer Jacket by Closed Caption

Vintage EXPRESS Striped Summer Jacket

Look boss babe as hell but still down to earth in this summer jacket.

The Brown Sugar Dress

Burnt Sugar Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Pretty Good Strappy Maxi Dress

Pair with a white blazer for a more put together look or as it is with heeled sandals and a cute purse on a date.

The Sugared Peanut Blazer

Peanut Blazer By Closed Caption

Vintage Alfred Dunner Tweed Oversized Blazer

Wearing something you think is kinda boring? Throw this blazer over it, problem solved!

The Maple Syrup Top

Caramel Top By Closed Caption

Vintage R&K Originals Faux Wrap Blouse

Tell everyone you're addicted to coffee, without saying you're addicted to coffee.

The Hot Coffee Earrings

Chocolate Caramel Earrings By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Double Dangling Earrings

These earrings have got enough character to pull any outfit together.

The Milk Chocolate Blazer

Milk Chocolate Blazer By Closed Caption

Vintage Cropped Lightweight Blazer

Oh you'll look cool alright.

The Nutmeg Cookie Jacket

Carob Blazer By Closed Caption

Vintage Holbrook Houndstooth Blazer

This blazer is totally worthy of an Instagram flex.

The Pecan Blouse

Pecan Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Pecan Blouse with a Necktie

When you're tired of wearing never wearing prints, this is the blouse you reach for.

The Dark Chocolate Two Piece

Dark Chocolate Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Reflections Images of You Two Piece Silk Set

Full on Kate Moss 90's vibe. So sweet and so bold!

The All Of The Above Jacket

Mixed Brown Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Petite Sophisticate Tapestry Jacket

If muted tones were a jacket, this would be it!


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