14 Street Style Looks To Keep Them Gaping

If graphic tees, sweatpants and sneakers comes to mind when you hear street styles. You're kinda spot on! (virtual high five)

Inspired by hip-hop culture and skater style, this casual fashion aka street style was born out of the 90's and has grown up so fast.

Today, street style has morphed into a lot of different things but the fact remains, that it's comfortable, it's got one helluva character and it says more about a person than star signs ever will.

To indulge in our street style obsession, we've gone ahead of ourselves and rounded up the 14 street style looks to keep them gaping.

Enter: Jeans that show more skin than you'd expect, something hand painted, eyewear inspired by practical dads and the easiest pants alive.

Warning! You might get hooked on street fashion as you scroll! Don't say we didn't warn you.

The I'll Wear It Until It Falls Apart Jeans
Ripped Jeans By Closed Caption
Vintage Britannia Medium-Wash Distressed Denim

Your grandma may not understand why you're wearing torn jeans but you do.

The I Am An Artist Shirt
Handpainted Shirt By Closed Caption
Hand-painted Female Portrait

You might seem two-faced with this top, but all your friends know you're the sweetest so no issues here.

The Are You Talking To Me Sunglasses Chains
Sunglasses Chains By Closed Caption
Chunky Eyewear Chain

No! You're not dreaming. Eyeglass chains are back and might as well be the most practical item you own. Plus Badass duhh.

The Rusty But Not Dusty Trenchcoat
Rusty But Not Dusty Trenchcoat By Closed Caption
Vintage Wolfgang Kaiser Oversized Trench Coat

Ain't nothing sassier than a classic trench! Said us.

The Skirt Or Pants? Yes!
Skirt Or Shorts By Closed Caption
Vintage Gerolamo Arganni Plaid Culottes

You can have it all with this culotte. No full commitment to pants or skirts necessary.

The I Like Candy Colors Pants
Candy Cotton Pants By Closed Caption
Vintage Justin Allen High Rise Paperbag Pants

Showoff your fun, barbie-inspired side for a change, in these pants.

The She Was A Skater Girl Dress
Skater Dress By Closed Caption
Vintage A.D Light Wash Skater Denim Dress

Think about all the summer fun you'll be having in this dress. Just don't forget your sunscreen.

The Running Some Quick Errands Tote
Flower Tote By Closed Caption
Luxurious Organza Yarn Flower Tote

We dare you to showoff the contents of your bag.

The This Can Fit So Much Style Parka
Brown Parker By Closed Caption
Vintage Fitz-Wright Parka

Name something this parka won't pair well with. We'll wait.

The Not Too Cool For You Pants
Cool Pants By Closed Caption
Vintage Alfred Dunner Crinkle Easy Pants

Meet the easiest pants alive. Told you!

The Hold My Jacket I Need To Show Off My Dress
Blue Knit Dress By Closed Caption
Vintage MODA International Knit Bodycon Sweater Dress

For a spring date when you feel like flaunting your goods - without showing too much skin. This is the dress you throw on and go!

The Comfy In Every Way Sweater
Comfy Sweater By Closed Caption
Vintage Blake by Devon Geometric Sweater

Denims are #1 essential wardrobe staple, sweaters are #2.

The I'd Like To Make A Statement About Flowers Earrings
Flower Statement Earrings By Closed Caption
Wildflower Dangle Earrings

Everyone will know you're wild at heart, no words required.

The You'll Never Not See Me Jacket
Military Jacket By Closed Caption
Vintage US Army Cropped Camo Military Jacket

Just the right dose of street and badass you need to keep them gaping.

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