14 Ways to Layer

Layering is an essential part of getting dressed, not only for functionality during the seasons, but to show off your inner stylist and express your individuality.

As the seasons change, the weight of the layers shift as well. For winter, we opt for more heavy weight layers - coats, sweaters - to keep us warm and toasty from head to toe.

In spring, we peel off the thick layers and opt for more lightweight pieces like dresses, shackets, long sleeved blouses, even blazers.

Then comes summer and we switch to light weight blouses, bralettes, shorts + kimonos and we rock these until fall and it's rinse and repeat from there.

Basically, there are a million ways to layer all four seasons long. But to keep things simple and cute, we've curated 14 ways we love to layer, whatever the weather.

The Slip Dress Over Or Under Everything

Slip Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Secret Treasures Lace slip Dress

Super versatile, a slip dress can be tucked in to make a cute blouse, or worn alone underneath a blazer or kimono or even layer a turtleneck under it and tights during cooler days. It always works!

The I Still Need To Stay Warm Jacket

Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Marque Deposee Waterproof Heavyweight Canvas Jacket

Ideal for those winter days when you want nothing to do with the cold.

The Multi Layer Pants

Chiffon Pants By Closed Caption

Vintage Wide Leg Chiffon Pants

These pants will see you through all seasons, guaranteed. In the spring/summer wear with crop tops and fall/winter, simply pair with a sweater, coat and leggings to keep you warm but stylish looking.

The It's The Small Layering Details Earrings

Handmade necklaces by Closed Caption

Handmade Beaded Closed Caption Necklaces

Our favorite thing? Layering al the necklaces. It's such an easy way to making a bold statement.

The Chunky Sweater Over Skirt

Chunky Vintage Sweater by Closed Caption

Vintage Land's End Cable Knit Sweater

What would we do without chunky oversized cable knit sweaters?

The It's Actually A Leotard

Metallic Leotard By Closed Caption

Vintage Rider Industries 70's Gold Metallic Leotard

This figure hugging leotard is perfect for flirting and layering during any season. 

The I Am Gonna Wear This Over Everything Kimono Duster

Kimono Duster By Closed Caption

Vintage Striped Kimono Duster

Totally ready with this kimono. Compliments guaranteed!

The Blazer Wrapped Around All My Dresses

Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Suitables Oversized Striped Blazer

Don't forget to tie your blazer around the waist of all your dresses for an effortless cool vibe. 

The If In Doubt Throw A Blazer Over It

Red Blazer By Closed Caption

Vintage Bicè Wool Structured Blazer

For real, you can throw this blazer over anything and look pulled together AF in a second.

The I Always Need A Turtleneck

Turtleneck and Maxi Dress Layering by Closed Caption

Vintage Chico's Rib Knit Turtleneck Sweater

When in doubt grab a turtleneck, they go with and under anything.

The That Little Extra Piece Collar

Handmade Detachable Ruffle Collar by Closed Caption

Closed Caption Handmade Reversible Lace Frill Collar No.1

The super cool collar to layer over all your blouses, dresses and sweaters, to jazz up any look.

The Oversized Always Fits Sweater

Vintage Together Chunky Knit Sweater

If warm and toasty was a sweater, this would be it. Layer it over skirts, dresses or wear with tights by itself.

The Button Up Under All Sleeveless Dresses

Long Black Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Lota San Fransisco Sleeveless Dress

We love layering blouses under all our sleeveless dresses.

The It's A Bit Too Cold Without My Sweater Vest

Vintage sweater vest by Closed Caption

Vintage Knit Sweater Vest

Remember the vest we said could go with everything in your wardrobe? This is it! Layer away.

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