15 Fashion Aesthetics That Show-off Your Personality

Have you heard about aesthetics but have no idea what people are talking about? No worries, we are here to help!

Fashion aesthetics are the styles and looks you create with your clothes, accessories or makeup to express your personality and how you're feeling that particular day or time in your life. 

Knowing your fashion aesthetic makes it much easier to build a wardrobe you love. It also helps you avoid those annoying situations where you end up buying items you never use (guilty), so you can build a sustainable closet that shows off your vibe.

With IG and TikTok trends taking over our lives, new fashion aesthetics are popping up daily. Whether you're convinced your aesthetic type is preppy, or the only aesthetic you know is emo or goth, keep scrolling as we break down how to choose your ideal aesthetic that is right for you.

So how do you choose your fashion aesthetic type? 

Many things influence the fashion aesthetic type you choose, like your culture, lifestyle, job, favorite celebrity or even the phase of life you're in rn - amongst other factors.

However, the most important factor to consider when choosing an aesthetic is what looks good to you and how the style makes you feel.

A common misconception is that you have to choose one aesthetic type and stick to it forever. But this is not the case. Contrary to popular belief, you can mix and match different aesthetics to make it your own; creating a unique individual style - just like you.

Without further ado, we're dishing out 15 fashion aesthetics below to show-off your personality and ever changing moods. With this list, you'll be up to speed about your current aesthetic style and you can get some fashion inspo to help you choose an aesthetic you love. You need zero experience to recreate these looks like a pro, so no worries.

1. Cottage Core Aesthetic

Margareta Dress in Sand

As the name implies, cottage core aesthetic is inspired by a romanticized idea of the simple life in the countryside and harmony with nature (ahhhh). Girls who subscribe to this aesthetic are often hopeless romantics and tend to go for flowing dresses or skirts in colors like white, pink, neutrals and a lot of florals.

2. Street Wear Aesthetic

Vintage Mesh Y2K Shirt

Inspired by hip hop culture, street wear aesthetic is quite popular and easy to pull together. Think matching track sets, oversized graphic tees, denim and some Nike's. Top it off with some cool sunnies + eyewear chains, baseball hat and you'll be spot on with this aesthetic.

If your personality is more on the chill side and you can't be bothered to look fancy, street wear could be an aesthetic for you.

3. E Girl Aesthetic

Frances Top in Charcoal

The 'electronic girl' aka E girl aesthetic may seem like another trend born out of TikTok, but it's been around for a while. This fashion aesthetic is inspired by emo, goth, grunge and animé. Girls who subscribe to this aesthetic typically want to showoff their personality of being geeky yet sexy and slightly dark.

Common elements of this aesthetic are dyed hair like Harley Quinn from suicide squad, dark clothing, bold eyeliner, dark lippie and even fake freckles.

4. Artsy Aesthetic

Vintage Striped Wrap Skirt

For the love of art, nature and polaroid pictures, an artsy aesthetic is characterized by mini skirts, art socks, messy buns and any mustard yellow clothing for some reason.

Artsy fashion also draws inspiration from vintage pieces, thrift shops and you will find people who identify with this aesthetic, sewing embroidery or painting on their clothing (cool stuff).

5. Baddie Aesthetic
Vintage Distressed Denim Pants

Thanks to Instagram influencers and YouTube beauty gurus, the baddie fashion aesthetic has become a thing.

This aesthetic centres around crop tops, bodysuits, ripped jeans, hoop earrings, bold eyebrows and anything that feels like it's straight from a Kardashian IG page. 

6. VSCO Girl Aesthetic

Eat Your Fruits Necklace

Inspired by the preset filters of the actual VSCO photography app, this fashion aesthetic focuses on chill vibes, positivity and being eco-friendly.

VSCO girls have a preppy but laid back style and looove scrunchies, star necklaces, beaded jewelry and a hydroflask covered in stickers (standard).

If you love chill vibes and days spent hanging at the beach, this aesthetic is right up your alley.

7. Soft Girl Aesthetic

Augusta Dress in Alabaster

If you're a girly girl with a cute vibe, this aesthetic is spot on for you.

A soft girl aesthetic is all about cutesy pieces that create a super feminine look. You'll often find 'softies' spotting braids, pastel colors, plaid skirts, floral or heart patterns, milkmaid dresses and even holding a teddy bear if she's super into the aesthetic.

8. Normcore Aesthetic

Vintage Oversized Prussian Blue Shacket

Remember the wardrobe on Seinfeld? Typical normcore. Being a combo of 'normal' and 'hardcore' - normcore aesthetic is defined by casual wear that is plain and often unisex in nature like; jeans, t-shirt, baseball hat, simple button-up or cardigan.

People who are into the normcore aesthetic may opt for clothing that doesn't stand out like a neon green jacket, but this doesn't mean they're not fashionable. It means they take extra care to ensure they're undistinguised but unique like scandinavian design.

For introverted girls who like to blend in with the crowd and avoid too much attention, this aesthetic works like a charm.

9. Hippie Aesthetic

Jane Top in Tie Dye Green

If you're obsessed with dream catchers or on ocassion have gotten naked to connect with mother nature, you could be into hippie fashion aesthetic.

Inspired by the psychedelic revolution of the 60's, hippie aesthetics often features loose-fitting clothing, harem pants, bright colors, handmade jewelry, tie-dye anything and crystals. 

10. Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage Pussy Bow Blouse

For lovers of all things thrifted, a vintage aesthetic is obvious. This aesthetic is the opposite of fast fashion (even though fast fashion companies are catching on to this) and features classic pieces from the past, that are sustainable and stand the test of time.

It's not uncommon for people to add a modern twist to a vintage aesthetic like pairing an 80's blouse with distressed jeans or a skirt.

11. Boho Aesthetic

Vintage Floral Maxi Dress

Tapestry, dusters and charm hoops are a few tell-tale signs of a boho fashion aesthetic. Influenced by bohemian and hippie countercultures, this aesthetic is  both colorful and based on creativity.

For girls with a creative personality and a super relaxed vibe, this aesthetic works.

12. 80's Aesthetic

Vintage 80s Neon Sweater

The 80's aesthetic take us all the way back to vinyl discs and shoulder pads. Cue: all types of jeans, sweaters in bright colors, high top vans - in all the colors and prints we love.

With this aesthetic, it's easy to create exciting and eye-catching outfits that show off your bubbly, extroverted personality.

13. Casual Aesthetic

Closed Caption Dad Hat

A casual aesthetic is easy going, big on comfort and is all about feeling good in what you're wearing.

Typical casual fits feature jeans, loose blouses, dad hat, and an oversized denim jacket to go with everything.

14. Minimalist Aesthetic

Vintage Overall Maxi Dress

Less is always more with a minimalist fashion aesthetic. It is quiet and spotlights a lack of clutter and unecessary details. Minimalist aesthetics rejects trends by sticking to the essential few and avoiding bold colors that are deemed 'too loud'.

For people who despise trends of any kind and appreciate simplicity, a minimalist style is your match made in aesthetic heaven.

15. Preppy Aesthetic

Jean Blouse in Alabaster

Preppy aesthetics are all about color combos and personalized details that make you stand out like; bold collars, dramatic sleeves and aything that screams "look at me". For attention seekers and extroverts, this style does the trick.  

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