15 Patterns That Will Make You Look Anything But Basic

There's something about pretty patterns that makes you just wanna - break free from the norm and live life on your terms - bold and bright.

While minimalist prints and plain colors have their place in the world of fashion - to tone things down a notch and balance out any outfit. Patterns are like the upbeat friend you sure as hell want to party with, because you know you'll have the best time ever.

Patterns have the power to make any outfit come alive, switch up your mood and show off your personality - no words required.

If you're looking to dip your toe into the world of patterns, or you're a pattern kinda girl in need of inspiration to freshen your eclectic wardrobe, ahead, you'll find the 15 patterns that will make you look anything but basic, and definitely not boring.

Keep scrolling to see the types of prints and patterns out there, so you can choose the styles that will make you stand out and draw all the attention to you.

The Large Floral

Vintage floral maxi dress by Closed Caption

Vintage Floral Maxi Dress

Florals are the favorite go to patterns for all seasons - winter included - because the rules of fashion are meant to be broken duhh.

The Abstract

Abstract Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Lauren Lee Oversized Abstract Blouse

Abstract patterns set the tone for self expression on a deeper level. Just have fun with it.

The Plaid

Plaid Skirt By Closed Caption

Vintage Charter Club  Plaid Pleated Miniskirt

Plaid are the-go-to-print if you're new to the patterns game, and wanna play it safe in the beginning. Always a win.

The Artsy

Modern Art Tunic Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Abstract Fringe Tunic Dress

Artsy prints are the true definition of eclectic. 

The Stars

Stars Sweater By Closed Caption

Vintage Mexx Abstract Knit Sweater

Stars are a special kind of pattern and come in all shapes and sizes.

The Stripes

Striped Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Jonathan Martin Striped Secretary Blouse

Stripes are like the queen mother of patterns. Always pulled together, never out of place.

The Confetti

Confetti Barrette By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Triangle Confetti Barrette

Life is always a party with confetti.

The Small Floral

Small Floral Pattern Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage LIZSPORT Floral Pastel Blouse

Because florals will never let you down. Can't stress this enough.

The Animal

Vintage zebra animal print blouse by Closed Caption

Vintage Fashion Bug Woven Pattern Tapestry Jacket

Channel your spirit animal with bold animal prints and patterns.When you see it, you'll know it. 

The Camo

The Camo by Closed Caption

Vintage US Army Cropped Camo Military Jacket

For a "no nonsense", "don't mess with me" kinda vibe, camo takes the cake everytime.

The Mixed Pattern

Mix Pattern Shorts By Closed Caption

Vintage Line-Up for Sport Gingham Floral Easy Shorts

Whether you're mixing pattern with different pieces or find a mixed pattern like  this love child of gingham + floral, mixing patterns is always a good idea.

The Polka Dots

Metallic Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Pronti Oversized Blouse

Ideal for any ocassion, polka dots come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Goddamn versatile this pattern.

The Geometric

Geometric Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Handmade Abstract Geometric Dress

Geometric patterns mix and match shapes and colors, to really make an outfit feel super cool and futuristic.

The Tribal

Tribal Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Tribal Woven Tapestry Coat

Tribal patterns are strong, "in-your-face" and not for the faint of heart.

The Houndstooth

Black And White Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Positive Attitude Houndstooth Short Fitted Jacket

Houndstooth patterns personify classy, sassy and most likely rich. Works best when worn as a set.

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