15 Styles For The Hopeless Romantic

If you've watched the notebook like a million times and anything about love gives you this intoxicating rush, then duhh hopeless romantic alert!

But here's the thing, while being a hopeless romantic has it's perks like loving from the heart, being vulnerable and open in love. It also has it's cons where you love too easily, ignore all the warning signs and give your all in unhealthy relationships. (guilty)

We're not gurus on love or anything, but the real gurus say that it's much better to be a hopeful romantic - to be hopeless in love but also have a growth mindset and being realistic enough to understand that life is not a movie.

Well relationships aside, there are styles for 'regular people' and then there are styles for hopeless romantics like us - who still believe in "happily ever after" regardless of how many shitty tinder dates we've had.

So, we've gone ahead and rounded up the cutest styles for all you ladies who adore being in love and can't help yourselves. From first date inspired earrings, to the softest pink blouses, flirty skirts and statement barrettes, you'll be stupid in love with these.

The I don't Need A Bachelor For This Rose Earring

Bachelor Rose Earring By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Single Charm Hoop Earring

Get yourself a rose that will last longer than your last three relationships (maybe even forever).

The Be Gentle With My Heart Turtleneck

Be Gentle Turtleneck By Closed Caption

Vintage Caslon Turtleneck Sweater

Show him how sweet you really are with this turtleneck.

The Modern Romance Croptop 

Modern Romance Croptop By Closed Caption

Vintage Croft & Barrow Florral Cropped Mockneck

Some wilt-free flowers for some harmless flirting.

This Barrette Speaks For Me

Love You Barrette By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Pearl Heart Barrette

Not ready to say the 4 letter words yet? Let this barrette do the talking for you.

The Wild At Heart Skirt

Wild Child Skirt By Closed Caption

Asuyeta Handmade Floral Handkerchief Skirt

Definitely a heart breaker but still a hopeless romantic.

The Girl Next Door Blouse

Girl Next Door Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Satin Polka Dot Blouse

You'll look pulled together and ready for commitment in this blouse.

The You Can Lean On My Shoulder Collar

You Can Lean On My Shoulder Collar By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Handmade Reversible Lace Frill Collar No. 3

Something cute to wrap around your neck on your date or any day of the week really.

The I Am An Old Soul Kinda Lover Dress

Ladylike Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage April Rain Floral Peplum Dress

Even lover girls deserve super flattering dresses no?

The I Like To Buy Myself Flowers Blazer

Blazer By Closed Caption

Vintage Alfred Dunner Floral Oversized Blazer

Oh so floral and perfect for dinner dates with yourself, your bestie or the man of your dreams.

The Country Girl Blouse

Country Girl Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage In the Mood Satin Pleated Blouse

*Hoping to find love as I ride down this old town road*

The Jane Birkin Maxi Dress 

Jane Austin Inspired Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage JC Penny 70's Pleated Maxi Dress

Oh so dreamy and totally dinner date worthy at any upscale place or dive bar.

The I am A Hopeless Romantic Maxi Dress

Soft Dress By Closed Caption

Vintage Boho Embroidered Maxi Dress

If hopeless romantic was a dress, this would be it! Works as an elopement wedding dress too. Just saying!

The I Bow To You Earrings

I Bow To You Earring By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Dainty Plum Bow Earrings

Your earlobes are about to be so flirty with these dainty bow earrings.

The Whatever The Night May Bring Duster

Duster By Closed Caption

Vintage Vanity Fair 60's Ruffle Cardigan

Perfect for summer dates under string lights in the garden, you'll be able to smell the romance in the air.

The I Fell In Love With The Sea Necklace 

Nacklace By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Ocean Breeze Necklace No. 6

It'll be love at first sight with these around your cute neck.

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