7 Menswear Inspired Looks

We love that we live in a time when anyone can wear whatever they want and absolutely love that traditional menswear is inspiring a lot of what women wear. This is nothing new and we are all here for it.

For centuries, fashion has been inspired by all sorts of things like pop culture, social movements and even wartime fabric rationing which gave birth to the bikini in the 40's.

Then came the 70's, inspired by the hippie movement where people chose to dress in order to showoff their personality, in ways that blurred the lines between men and women fashion.

So it comes as no surprise that menswear is making a comeback into what women are wearing today.

This is why we've rounded up 7 menswear inspired looks to give you some fresh inspiration on how to pair all your "borrowed from the boys" items in your wardrobe to deliver smashing looks that'll be all the rage.

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Pair an oversized button up shirt with a complimentary sweater vest for that "snatched this from my boyfriend's closet" look. Add heeled sandals to the mix with eclectic socks to maintain a feminine touch.

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Oversized blazers have a magical way of pulling any outfit together. Be it a maxi dress, mini-skirt or biker shorts, a blazer will add some length and proportion to elongate your frame. Plus it screams high fashion duhh.

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Blazers may be the go-to layering piece, but shackets (jackets + shirts) are like the fun cousin thats taking over the party. Ideal for both play and casual work wear, pair a shacket with your favorite bralette, cute necklace and easy pants for an über comfy look to breeze through any day.

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An oversized vintage t-shirt and wide leg easy pants, create the perfect "menswear inspired" relaxed look, for days when you don't need stress in your life. The platform sandals gives the look a trendy finish.

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If there's one thing that defines menswear, it's short sleeved button-ups and girls can totally pull it off too. You don't have to work a blue collar job to rock a button up with cropped pants and make a fashion statement.

Look 6
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Shackets pair well with literally any bottom. Be it pants, shorts, skirt and even bikini bottoms - for those hot summer days when we literally live on the beach. You can dress a shacket up with heeled sandals, or down with boots, to match whatever your vibe for the day.

Look 7 
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There are a million ways to wear a blouse, which means you can turn your boyfriends oversized button up into work wear, dinner date essential or an outfit choice that's totally worthy of an Instagram flex.

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