7 Ways to Wear Color

If 90% of your wardrobe is like a goth pop up shop, you're not alone. Introvert, we tend to shy away from anything that draws attention to them, including colored clothing.

However, while black-on-black ensembles are a life saver - for when you can't quite figure out what to wear or want to just look effortlessly cool - sometimes, a dash of color is all the pick me up you need to seize the day.

So in a bid to get out of your comfort zone, try to switch things up a little with some bright and colorful outfits, we promise, it will be a fun ride.

For novices to the world of color, the best way to dip your toes into the bold and bright is to start with accessories and work it up to your outfits. This way you can transition smoothly instead of diving in and crash landing. 

If you're ready to make the full commitment into colorful looks, here are 7 ways to wear color and shake things up a lil.

Look 1 - Colorful Shoes
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The easiest way to wear color is to pair your neutral pieces with colorful shoes, for a bold yet balanced look. You'll get back to back compliments guaranteed!

Look 2 - Colorful Layers
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Want to level up a maxi dress? Layer a bold blouse under it, to make the dress pop! No alterations necessary.

Look 3 - Colorful Pants
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One thing we know about colorful pants, is that they pair well with any top. These red tailored pants worn with the butterscotch blouse, is what spring outfit dreams are made of.

Look 4 - Colorful Boyfriend Shirt
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On days when you need a a lil pick me up, an oversized vintage shirt and biker shorts will brighten up your day. The stormy tie-dye socks gives this look a trendy finish.

Look 5 - Monochromatic Colors
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Bold layering pieces are the right dose of vibrancy any outfit needs to look dashing! This oversized orange shacket paired with a miniskirt and 70's floral socks screams chic. 

Look 6 - Colorful Blazer
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There's no denying that this canary oversized blazer paired with blue sparkle pants shines bright, and pulls the entire outfit together to give it a polished finish. 

Look 7  - Colorful Jumpsuit
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Just like black on black outfits create a monochrome look, this utilitarian jumpsuit does the same, stealing the show in a stylish way. It is paired with the gem colored mesh socks and platform sandals for a chic grande finale.

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