8 Ways to Wear Knits

When you think about knits, you usually associate it with your grandma knitting a sock or strictly as winter wear, right?!

But knitwear comes in all shapes, sizes and forms and will get you through 4 seasons if you play your cards right. There are soft, fluffy, chunky, ribbed, made from cotton, silk, wool, or blend kinda knits.

Whichever you choose, the key to nailing any knit look is picking a fabric that's comfortable on your skin and pairing it with the right pieces.

There are a million ways to wear knit, think turtlenecks, vests, dresses, jackets, pants, you name it.

For winter a chunky oversized cardigan paired with jeans will keep you cozy and toasty. While on hot summer days, a lightweight knit cardigan can be matched with a mini skirt for that cool vibe.

Keep scrolling to see the 8 ways to wear knits all year round for a stylish finish.

The Turtleneck
The Turtleneck By Closed Caption
Vintage Linda Allard Ellen Tracy Wool Turtleneck

Perfect for winter, ideal for spring and totally works for chilly summer eves - just roll up the sleeves and pair with a mini skirt.

The Cardigan
Cardigan By Closed Caption
Vintage Style&Co Knit Cardigan

A lightweight cardigan to match the spring weather, when it's winter in the shade and summer in the sun.

The Mini Dress
Short Knit Dress By Closed Caption
Vintage Hand-Knit Dress

Showing some legs is always a good idea if you ask us. what better way to flaunt some legs than in a knit dress.

The Skirt
Knit Skirt By Closed Caption
Vintage Lou Nardi Cable Knit Skirt

A knit skirt is the best pick to add some texture to any look.

The Chunky Sweater
Knit Sweater By Closed Caption
Vintage New Yorker Cable Knit Sweater

A chunky sweater is always a classic. Period.

The Top
Sleeveless Turtleneck
Vintage Turtleneck Top

Knit tops literally go with anything!

The Sweater Vest
The Sweater Vest By Closed Caption
Vintage Club Room Oversize Sweater Vest

Vests and button ups go together like coffee and cream, it just works!

The Maxi Dress
Long Knit Dress
Vintage Pretty Good Knit Strappy Maxi Dress

Who said knit maxi dresses have to be chunky and oversized? This dress will hug you in all the right places.

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