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90's babies might remember eyewear chains as something their practical dad wore back in the day. But for anyone who has no idea what we're talking about, eyewear chains are basically cord or chain accessories that fasten at the ends of your glasses (could be sunnies or prescription glasses). This makes it possible for you to wear them around your neck and have your glasses rest easy on your chest whenever you take them off without losing them.

Perhaps this sounds like a small deal, but eyewear chains are super functional as they guarantee your glasses never go on an adventure on their own (aka get lost). Plus, they add some serious style to your everyday glasses, which is a major reason why they come in handy and everyone needs a pair or several.

In the early days, eyewear chains were made with leather straps or a flexi plastic cord. But these days they've been reworked with beads, marble, pearls, acrylic and chains. They also come in all sorts of styles, that give them the power to amp up any look.

Whether you're a sucker for accessories or you're done losing your specs and need a little help, we've rounded up some stunning eyewear chains to amp up your style.  You can never have too many eyewear chains and the best part is you can mix and match according to your mood and vibe for the day. So hop on ahead to get some eyewear chain inspo.

These eyewear chains are big, bold and catch attention without even trying. Made with extra chunky acrylic oval chains, it features adjustable rubber loops on each end that attach to your glasses and stay put in a drama free fashion.

These eye-catching babies are the perfect accessory for your eclectic, edgy self and with the extra chunky chains, you've got options. Here are three of the four available colors we are currently swooning over:

Black Marble

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Extra Chunky Black Marble Eyewear Chain

Perfect for being a little extra! When it's bright as hell outside, these chains will make sure you carry your sunnies around with you at all times.|


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Extra Chunky Tortoise Eyewear Chain

If you're the type of person to constantly lose your shades in your bag, this tortoise number will be easy to spot and totally worth the buy.

Vanilla Caramel

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Extra Chunky Vanilla Caramel Eyewear Chain

Sweet and seriously stylish! Show everyone you're not afraid to stand out with the vanilla caramel extra chunky chain. Feel free to contrast the chains with darker shades.

Widely known for their ability to fit in with any look, cuban chains are made with tightly fitted acrylic chains, to give a classic and sleek design. Featuring gold + clear rubber loop ends in all the colors we love, cuban chains are perfect for adding a touch of stylish minimalism to any look. Check out our current top three colors below:


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Cuban Coral Eyewear Chain

Hey attention lover! This coral eyewear chain is screaming your name. It's available and ready to add a pop of color to all your looks henceforth.

Smoky Charcoal

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Cuban Smoky Charcoal Eyewear Chain

Something charcoal to level up your regular shades while keeping your mysterious edge.


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Cuban Caramel Eyewear Chain

Lightweight and eyecatching, this caramel eyewear chain will pair well with all the sunnies in your collection. Doesn't matter if you're on a tropical vacation or running errands in the city, she gets the job done!

Literally the cute little sister of extra chunky chains, chunky eyewear chains are the perfect size for keeping things light and breezy. They're spot on for girls who love to look good, but would rather not deal with too much attention. Whatever the ocassion, you can throw them on and go about your business without a care in the world (now that's living).


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Chunky Tortoise Eyewear Chain

You'll never again have an 'i forgot my glasses moment' with these tortoise eyewear chain.

Raspberry & Creme

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Chunky Raspberry and Creme Eyewear Chain

Some two-toned raspberry and creme chains for your sunnies, only good strings attached!

Caramel Drizzle

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Chunky Caramel Drizzle Eyewear Chain

You can never go wrong with an eyewear chain that reminds you of caramel drizzle, just saying.

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