12 Badass Looks

All a girl wants in life is to have glowing skin, secure the bag and look badass while we're at it. But what does it mean to look badass?

Turning to urban dictionary for some guidance, badass literally means - an ultra cool MF. But that's not all, a big part of looking badass is about being confident, real and unapologetic. It's in the way you think, speak, move and most importantly, the way you dress.

Badass babes don't need permission to do what they want. They act from a place of intelligence and drive and just go for it, with no-people pleasing antics whatsoever (cue boss babes). 

Think Madonna, Janis Joplin, Angelina Jolie - these badass icons make for good role models to emulate and help you reveal your badassery to the world.

If you've been striving for a badass look lately, keep scrolling to see the 12 keeping it badass looks to add some pizzazz to all your outfits.

Enter: goddamn badass earrings, smooth long coats, dope hair clips and something hand painted, to get you looking ultra cool and feeling badass from the inside out.

The I Bite Back Earring

Closed Caption Golden Serpent Earrings

These earrings are not only stylish AF, but also a clear warning to anyone who might wanna mess with you.

The I Have No Fears Blouse

Vintage Black Velvet Blouse by Closed Caption

Vintage Reaction Velvet Blouse

Black and velvet? Hell yeah!

The Embrace The Darkness Coat

Vintage Oversized Coat by Closed Caption

Vintage Oversized Coat

When you've got serious business to handle and a few hearts to break, this is the coat you grab!

The Keep It Together Belt

Black Leather Belt By Closed Caption

Vintage Brighton Leather Belt

Is it just us or does this belt totally feel like something a badass like you would wear?

The Not So Basic Button Up

Vintage Oversized Boyfriend Shirt by Closed Caption

Vintage Zanella Charcoal Button Up

Charcoal = Badass, no questions asked. Try a black on black ensemble and you'll be spot on.

The Black Nails Are A Lifestyle Barrette

Black Nails Barrette By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Gold Hand Barrette

Hair clip with a black nail polish? Err badass...*add to cart*!

The I'm A Secret Vampire Dress

Vintage Crushed Velvet Black Dress by Closed Caption

Vintage All That Jazz Velvet Dress

A little bit of skin never hurt anyone. Pair with a long black coat and honey you've got yourself one helluva badass combo.

The Don't You Dare Call Me Cute Dress

Closed Caption Ada Dress in Charcoal

Closed Caption Ada Dress in Charcoal

Badass, period!

The Ready To Fight Pants

Vintage Relaxed Pants by Closed Caption

Vintage Lizsport Relaxed Pants

Match with black long sleeves, black boots and dark shades so your haters know to stay away or else.

The I'm A Fucking Artist Croptop

Raw Artist Croptop By Closed Caption

Hand Painted Cropped Blouse

Name something cooler and more badass than this handpainted, female portrait cropped top. We'll wait!

The I Wear My Sunglasses At Night Chains

Black Sunglasses Chain By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Chunky Smokey Eyewear Chain

Sheesh! This level of badass should be criminal.

The Call Me A Badass Dress

Vintage Sheer Maxi Dress by Closed Caption

Vintage New Options Sheer Maxi Dress

Show everyone you literally don't care about people's opinions in this sheer maxi dress.

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