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13 Black But Bold Styles

Yeah, yeah, while some people associate wearing black styles with plain, boring or gothic. The truth is girls who rock black, lead colorful lives.

There's no denying that black is a timeless piece - it pulls any outfit together, adds character to any look and tones down the drama of any va va voom item in your wardrobe.

If you're seriously searching for some black but bold styles to re-freshen your black collection, welcome aboard!

Below, we're highlighting black pants, hot leather skirts, black handbags (staple AF), dresses and the coolest jackets you've seen in a minute.

But beware! You might get too excited as you scroll, so shop responsibly!

The Gothic Bohemian Pants

Secret Flowergirl By Closed Caption

Vintage Tahari Double Layer Floral Lace Pants

Channel your inner goth in these double layer floral lace pants, pair with all black everything and you're set to conquer the day.

The I am Dark But Sweet Earring

Solid Black Earring

Closed Caption Acrylic Flower Earrings

Perfect for showing your lobes some love.

The Not Your Average Maxi Dress

Not A Normal Maxidress By Closed Caption

Vintage New Options by Kate Geddes Fringe Maxi Dress

Such a concert-worthy dress!

The Everything I Need Fits In This Bag

Everything I need bag By Closed Caption

Vintage Picard Leather Purse

If it doesn't fit into this bag, then you don't need it period!

The I Am Low Key A Little Extra Cardigan

Feather Detail Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage MSK Women Velvet Feather Cardigan

When you love your cardigan with a side of drama!

The With Lots Of Lace Cardigan

Lots Of Lace Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Barisal Lace Fuzzy Cardigan

This is the perfect summer jacket, it's insane!

The Daaaamn Girl U Hawt Skirt

Leather Skirt By Closed Caption

Vintage Investments Crinkle Leather Skirt

When you're feeling a bit too hot to handle, this is the skirt you grab for the day!

The Pretending To Have It Together Jacket

Cropped Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Norton McNaughton Boxy Cropped Wool Jacket

For the office and super easy to transform by pairing it with biker shorts and a bralette, to let the good times roll.

The Gothic Western IS A Thing Dress

Goth Western Dress By Closed Caption

 Vintage Embroidered Western Swing Dress

Might as well be slinging guns in this. So badass!

The Black Cat Means Good Luck Barrette

Black Cat Barrette By Closed Caption

Closed Caption Sparkle Cat Barrette

You don't have to be a cat lady to rock this cute barrette.

The Closure I Need Jacket

Closure I Need Jacket By Closed Caption

 Vintage Rena Rowan for Saville Oversized Blazer

Pair with matching black pants or a skirt, to feel straight out of a Julia Roberts movie.

The I Share My Feelings In Poetry Blouse

Dark Academia Fantasy Blouse By Closed Caption

Vintage Worthington Necktie Blouse

For days when you want to look sweet with a side of serious AF, this blouse is your pick!

The I Need To Be Cozy And Look Cool Jacket

Black Yeti Jacket By Closed Caption

Vintage Carole Little Black Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket

Definitely the ultimate jacket to level up any look if you ask us!

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