The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Coats in 2022

When it comes to vintage coats, trendy new pieces don't stand a chance. Why? Because new pieces may be nice and all, but they are as mentioned - trendy which means you'll have to buy a new one again next year plus nothing beats the high quality of a vintage coat, which means they literally last forever (style and quality wise) and every human needs to have at least one.

But here's the thing, for newbies to the vintage life or pros at shopping vintage, finding the right vintage coat can be a tough nut to crack. Even harder is finding the right vintage coats in excellent condition, without the smell and damaged lining, to indulge in some much needed retail therapy.

So to save you time, effort and the endless searching of the internet for vintage coats, we've compiled the ultimate guide to buying vintage coats in 2022 and beyond.

A few things you should look out for when shopping vintage coats:

Do the smell test
It might sound weird to do this but it is so important. Two things to look out for when smelling coats - a moldy/musky smell and a mothball smell (which is a disgusting chemical smell IYKYK)

It used to be pretty common for people to use moth balls to ward of those little flying pests and prevent them from eating wool but the smell is unbearable and no matter what the internet says - you will NEVER get the smell out. We make sure none of our coats smell like mothballs or moldy/musky.

Check the lining
Check the lining for any rips and tears which can usually be fixed easily

Don't be put off by shoulder pads, they usable can be very easily removed and create a way better shape without them

Check pockets
We have found some pretty nasty things in pockets, so make sure to carefully check them before buying

Check for a Union Made tag
The Union Made Tag has changed 8 times since 1900, so it comes in different colors and styles. This indicates that the coat is vintage.

Trust us when we say the 10 coats listed below are absolutely stunning and timeless. You're guaranteed to find your coat soulmate, plus you'll be the only one wearing it within a 2000 mile radius, while sprucing up all your outfits henceforth. YAY!

The Classic Trench Coat

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For rookies to the vintage coat life, a classic trench coat is a great place to start.  Perfect for winter in warmer climates like LA or spring/fall time in NYC. Whenever your outfits feel a bit meh, just throw it on to get an instant boost.

Pro tip: Opt for a trench coat in a darker shade like the CC Grey Trench Coat to have a coat that goes with literally everything.

The Colorpop Coat

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If you're not the type to shy away from color and you love some color serotonin on dreary winter days, then go for a bright colored coat like this Cherry Red Wool Coat. Wool coats keep you warm and with this color, all eyes will be on you and compliments guaranteed!

Pro tip: When going for an oversized look, buy a coat that is one size larger than your original size and if the sleeves are too long, simply roll them up for a cool idgaf casual look.

The 70s Fur Coat

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For the bohemian at heart, a 70's fur patchwork coat like our Vintage Muskat Chocolate Fur Coat will make you feel like you got teleported back to 1977 grabbing a freshly pressed Rumours record by Fleetwood Mac while sipping a coke out of a glass bottle.

Pro Tip: If you opt for fur, always go for vintage as it is the most sustainable option. It already exists and dosn't fund the fur industry plus it is being kept out of landfills and can be passed down for generations.

The Bouclé Coat

Inspired by menswear tailoring and a boxy fit, a Bouclé Coat is perfect for girls who love to add some texture to their outfits. 

Pro tip: Grab yourself a vintage coat with deep pockets like this Speckled Bouclé Coat,  so you can store your phone and do your hands a favor by keeping them warm on the go.

The Classic Camel Coat

If flashy is so not your style and you'd rather indulge in classic neutrals, then camel coats like this stylish Camel Berlin Coat is the way to go. Timeless and no drama necessary.

Pro tip: Pair a camel coat with any color and pattern you already have in your closet.

The Utilitarian Coat

Clean androgynous lines and structure are what define utilitarian style. So if you love any fit with a military flair to it, then go for vintage coats like our Olive Trench Coat to add a badass feel to your everyday essentials.

Pro Tip: A utilitarian coat looks best a bit oversized.

The Teddy Bear Coat

If COZY was a coat, this Dark Chocolate Teddy Bear Coat would be it. Like a trusted blanket, a teddy bear coat is perfect for fall and staying snugly warm in the dreary winter months.

Pro Tip: Layer a pair nude fleece leggings under black sheer tights so you can wear your favorite dresses under your coat even in the cold winter months.

The Short Coat

For vintage-heads living in places where you can get away with not covering your butt without freezing in the winter, short coats like this Sand Herringbone Coat will do the trick! And for out NYC gals, this is your must-have Spring/Fall Coat.

Pro Tip: Short coats add a professional look to any outfit, so they are perfect for your important business meetings.

The Plush Coat

Plush coats are like the baby sister of teddy bear coats. Whether you're a Romantic, Bohemian or Vintage Femme Style Type, a Plush Coat is a must-have for your closet.

Pro Tip: A plush coat is a statement piece in itself and can easily be dressed down with jeans, a turtleneck and boots or dressed up with a floral dress and chunky heels.

The Persian Wool Coat

The Persian wool coat is the best pick if you're living in freezing climate and want to be cozy and warm while being out and about but want to look stylish instead of silly in a puffer coat. These coats are made out of very high quality vintage wool, with a dash of exclusivity.

Pro Tip: Go for a solid color like this Wool Persian Lamb Berlin Coat, so you don't have to worry about it not fitting in your wardrobe color palette.

We would love to hear what coat type you are.
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